Our Complete Service Offering

Web Development

Next Step Logistics has 14+ years of experience developing exceptional web applications for many industries. We don't just make your web site user friendly, we also make it highly functional, and to achieve this we specialize in the Microsoft development stack, as well as, hardened open source options! Check out some examples from our portfolio.

Mobile App Development

Today the top use cases for mobile include: requests and approvals, sales force automation, field service, document management, and order/inventory management. Next Step Logistics has a rich experience developing mobile apps that serve many users! 

Hardware Support

Every small business to enterprise corporation has computer hardware, network equipment, and smart phones. Connect with Next Step to help your business save big on purchases and on support. If you find your business struggling to know who to call to update your website or add a new computer to your network, please talk with us. We are transparent and will create documentation that maps out your services, network, and contacts, we’ll put it all in a binder.


When you invest in our  middleware solution, you will easily view your supply chain as a value chain, which allows you to identify and then focus on your primary value chain activities (e.g., Inbound Logisitcs, Operations, Outbound Logistics, Marketing & Sales, and Service).

Business Intelligence

Next Step Logistics enables your business to deliver customized reports quickly and cost effectively. We will help you transform your data from a broad range of sources into rich visuals and analytics. We will help you stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.


Next Step Logistics offer your business the ability to nurture leads throughout the purchase process. The lead nurturing might include sharing educational materials that help the buyer make more informed decisions, or communicating more frequently with a prospective buyer. Doing this also allows B2B companies to qualify a prospect’s level of interest and initiate a connection with a salesperson.

Freight Rates

Next Step Logistics has strategic relationships that allow us to offer your business the best shipping rates on LTL, TL, and Volume shipments.