Microsoft & Linux Hosting & Next Step

Why host on a Linux server?

From a Microsoft developer's point of view, we can use the best Microsoft has to offer: MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, and SQL Server! All of these products run natively on a Linux server.

From a system admin's point of view, a Linux server is quicker to stand up, easier to configure from a command line, and more light weight as compared to a Windows server. A huge win for system admins is the removal of the licensing hurdle ($$$) that encompasses a lot of Windows server deployments. Linux is an enterprise ready operating system that is freely distributed, yes I said it is free.

From a line of business employee's point of view, a Microsoft solution hosted on a Linux server will be faster and more reliable; because, you don't have the resource intensive demands of a complex Windows GUI retaining server resources, you have the option of load balancing without the price tag that comes with Windows, and on a Linux server a system admin has the ability to fine tune running system details that are otherwise proprietary and non-configurable on a Windows server.

Why should you talk to Next Step?

Get the best of both worlds, with Microsoft development and Linux server! We have 14+ years experience in maintaining enterprise level information systems. Next Step is a Microsoft Partner, integrator, and solution provider, including Microsoft .Net Core, which is ran on Linux! Please email us today at for more information!