A Custom Creation for Borderless Coverage


When building a website for your business, considering the who is just as important as communicating the what. Yes, providing detailed information about your products and/or services is undoubtedly important. But the ways in which you deliver said information can also impact your website’s success.

Our client, Borderless Coverage, is one of those companies that fully understands the wants and needs of their clients. Likely because they’ve walked in their shoes. So when they entrusted us with building their first website, they had one simple request: to incorporate a few quick videos. Why? Because they knew that incorporating videos could optimize user consumption and retention. And they wanted to take the busy lifestyle of their customers into account.

The Brokers/3PL video we created for Borderless Coverage, LLC

“We have done significant research that proves visuals are processed considerably faster than text. These quick videos engage our customers, give them the information they need, and allow for an emotional and engaging buying experience,” said Mark Vickers, Co-Founder of Borderless Coverage.

Mark also noted that one of the goals of Borderless Coverage is to save their partners valuable time. He feels that by incorporating informational videos on a single-page layout website, our team helped do just that. And in producing the videos in-house, we were able to keep costs to a minimum.

“Borderless Coverage provides Direct and Automated Mexican Cargo Insurance to clients who are constantly having to go through multiple inefficient parties for their needs. [We cut] through those inefficiencies. This saves our partners time, money, and resources. Next Step Logistics has mirrored the efficiency that we are obsessed with by creating www.borderlesscoverage.com,” said Vickers. “I’m looking forward to using them on future projects.”

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