A Smart Website for a Small Business

Seana Rutherford Website

No matter what your industry, or the size of your business, having a strong online presence is becoming more and more critical. With 70-80% of people doing online research before visiting or purchasing from a brand (Blue Corona), you don’t just have to show up, you have to stand out. And there’s far more that goes into it all than meets the eye.

When we initially met with Cleveland-based Nurse Practitioner, Seana Rutherford, we had this exact conversation. With hopes of growing her business and brand, Seana was looking to build an online presence that could add value to her overall customer experience. A presence that was equal parts simple, clean, professional, and approachable. An interesting feat considering her industry - medical - and her ideal audience - millennials.

Taking Seana’s professional goals and overall personality into consideration, we knew we had to create an environment that was inviting, friendly, and warm. “I wanted the site to be fun to use, while still remaining professional,” said Emily Herrmann, Web Application Developer. “By adding soft accent colors, rounded lines, slow animations, and personal touches, I made sure the site did not feel cold or unwelcoming.” We also added interactive elements like downloadable forms and even a blog - both of which serve to simplify the communication of valuable information.

“I think this sets the site apart from others because it blends two ideas that are often considered mutually exclusive. Sites for necessary or crucial services (medicine, banking, etc.) are often made informative and professional at the expense of aesthetics or ease of use. I think it is possible to make a serious product attractive and accessible without dumbing it down or removing any of its worth, and I really enjoyed doing so,” said Emily.

Through open dialogue and active engagement, we’re proud to have been able to deliver on all of Seana’s requests. Her clean, user-friendly, modern web 2.0 site, seanarutherfordnp.com, launched in September of 2017, along with her rebranded social platforms. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and my business opportunities have grown as a direct result,” said Seana. “I have already recommended [the Next Step team] to my colleagues and hope to continue working with them in the future.”

If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur looking to build your digital brand and presence, we’d be so honored to help. Shoot us an email at website@nextsteplogistics.com to start the conversation!